The option "Dashboard" of menu "System" in TechExtension PBX is a visualisation tool that shows a general view of the system and gives a faster access to administrative actions in order to allow the user an easy administration of the server such as "System Resources", "Processes Status", "Hard Drives", "Performance Graphics", "Communication Activity", and so on. Below a short description of each one.

System Resources: Here shows general information about the system where PBX is running.

Figure 1

Processes Status: It shows the enabled and disabled processes. Here you can start, stop and restart these processes.

Communication Activity: This applet shows the number of extensions, trunks and calls currently on PBX server.

Hard Drives: Hard Drives shows the free and used space of the hard drives installed on your server.

Performance Graphic: It allows to check out the history of CPU and Memory usage as well as simultaneous calls over the time.

Calendar: It shows the schedule of activities for the logged user

Calls: It is a history of calls with time and duration related to the extension of the logged user.

Emails: The logged user can see when he receives emails.

Faxes: It shows the received faxes on the extension of the logged user.

Voicemails: This applet inform when the extension of the logged user has voicemails.

System: It shows the assigned space on hard drive to the logged user.

Telephony Hardware: It shows a general view of the installed telephony devices on PBX server.