The option “Network” of the Menu “System” in PBX lets us view and configure the network parameters of the server.

Network Parameters

This corresponds to the general network parameters of the server:

Name Description
Host Server Name, for example:
Default Gateway IP Address of the Port of Connection (Default Gateway)
Primary DNS IP Address of the Primary Domain Name Server (DNS)
Secondary DNS IP Address of the Secondary or Alternative Domain Name Server (DNS)

To edit any of these parameters, click on the button “Edit Network Parameters”.

Here also shows a list of available Interfaces on the server. Below the details:

Name Description
Device Name of the Ethernet interface
Type The type of IP address that the Interface has, which could be STATIC when the IP address is fixed or DHCP when the IP address is obtained automatically from a DHCP server.
IP IP Address assigned to the Interface
Mask The Network Mask assigned to the Interface
MAC Address Physical Address of the network Interface
HW Info Additional information about the network Interface
Status Shows the physical status of the Interface, if it’s connected or not

To edit the parameters Type, IP or Mask, click on the name of the device. The rest of parameters cannot be changed.