The option “Groups” allows you to create and modify all groups that will have access to the PBX Web Interface. There are 3 default groups of users as follows:

  • Administrator
  • Operator
  • Extension

Each one of these groups represents different levels of access to the PBX Web Interface. These levels are associated with a set of menus to which a given user will have access. The various access permissions to the menus are better illustrated in the following table:

Operator Panel
Menu Administrator Operator Extension
System Info Yes Yes No
PBX Configuration Yes No No
Network Yes No No
User Management Yes No No
Shutdown Yes No No
Flash Operator Panel Yes Yes No
Asterisk Recording Interface Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Fax List Yes Yes No
New Virtual Fax Yes No No
CDR Report Yes Yes No
Channels Usage Yes Yes No
Rates Yes No No
Billing Report Yes No No
Destination Distribution Yes No No
Trunk Configuration Yes No No
SugarCRM Yes Yes Yes
Calling Cards Yes Yes Yes
Softphones Yes Yes Yes
Fax Utilities Yes Yes Yes

Create a new group

To create a new group, click on the button "Create New Group" and fill out the required information.

To assign or modify permissions to a group go to the module "Group Permissions".