The option "Voicemail" of the Menu “PBX” lets us view a list with details of the voicemails for the extension of the logged user.

Figure 1

The report will change depending on the values of the filter:

Parameter Description
Start Date Start date for the selection of voicemails.
End Date End date for the selection of voicemails.

To delete a voicemail, just select the voicemail from the list and click on "Delete" button.

Configuring the Voicemail

You can also configure the parameters of the voicemail provided the logged user has an assigned extension in Elastix.

Figure 2

Parameter Description
Status Enable or Disable the voicemail for the user
Email The email address that voicemails are sent to.
Pager Email Address Pager/mobile email address that short voicemail notifications are sent to.
Password This is the password which is used by the user to access to his voicemail system.
Email Attachment Option to attach voicemails to email.
Play CID Read back caller's telephone number prior to playing the incoming message, and just after announcing the date and time the message was left.
Play Envelope Envelope controls whether the voicemail system will play the message envelope (date/time) before playing the voicemail message. This setting does not affect the operation of the envelope option in the advanced voicemail menu.
Delete Vmail If set to "yes" the message will be deleted from the voicemail box (after having been emailed). It provides functionality that allows a user to receive their voicemail via email alone, rather than having the voicemail able to be retrieved from the Web interface or the Extension handset.