The option "Monitoring" of the Menu "PBX" lets us view a list with details of all recorded calls for the extension associated to the connected user. The administrator account can see all the recordings.

Figure 1

The report will change depending on the values of the filter:

Name Description
Start Date The start date for the calls to be selected.
End Date The end date for the calls to be selected.
Source The extension that started the call.
Destination The extension that received the call.
Type The type of call such as Incoming, Outgoing, Queue or Group.

Also, we can listen to the calls by clicking on the option "Listen" for each call, or we can download an audio file with the .wav extension of the selected call.

If you want to export the list of the recorded calls, click on "Download" button and choose the type of file you want to download. The available extensions are: csv, xls and pdf.