Prerequisite : 

  • JRE 1.7 or higher version should be installed on AsterCTI  Server.
  • CDR_Event Should Be enable in Asterisk server.
  • Require port 9898 and 7979 should be enable for AsterCTI  Server and port 5038 for Asterisk Server.
  • Support Soft phone or Sip based Hard Phone.
  • There should be connectivity between AsterCTI and Asterisk server.
  • Please make back up of data of  asterisk server.
  • Linux: This version works under any Linux flavor (i386, x86_64).

  • Asterisk: versions  1.6, 1.8, 10, 11 , 12 ,13,14,,15 and above with the manager interface enabled.

  • It also works on mobile platforms like IOS / Android.

  • Any modern browser with Javascript enabled. Internet Explorer 8 & up. Firefox 3. Safari. Opera. Chrome.

Required packages : 

Java (1.7 or above ) , PHP (5.6 or more ), MySQL, Web server (Apache etc.)

Install Below Dependencies On AsterCTI Server :

yum install php-gd php-imap php-ldap php-odbc php-mbstring php-pear php-xml php-xmlrpc php-soap 

 curl curl-devel perl-libwww-perl ImageMagick libxml2 libxml2-devel xml-rpc

Enable CDR On Asterisk (Important For Call Logs):

a) Go to /etc/asterisk/ on AsteriskPBX Server and find cdr_manager.conf, Open it and Change Value of enabled From no to yes as below :

; Asterisk Call Management CDR



enabled = yes



b) Restart AsteriskPBX by following Command : 

sudo /etc/init.d/asterisk restart 

c) Check Cdr_manager is loaded successfully or not :
Goto Asterisk CLI by : asterisk -vr
cdr show status

You should see something like this:

pbx*CLI> cdr show status

Call Detail Record (CDR) settings


Logging: Enabled

Mode: Simple

Log unanswered calls: No

Log congestion: No

* Registered Backends


AsterCTI Installation and Configuration :

STEP : 1 : Create Account On AsterCTI Website to Validate your Free/Paid Account.
 Click Here to Create Account or Goto :


STEP 2 : Download AsterCTI For Multi Tenant : Click Here to Download and Extract it On Web Server Directory. (For Example : /var/www/html/)
Once you extract file you will get 2 things.
a) techextension folder, Dont rename folder in any case.
b) techextension.sql

STEP 3 : Create Database, Mysql User and Password For AsterCTI.
a) Login to MySql Interface :

mysql -uroot -p

b) Create Database "techextension_tenant" in Database By Following Command :

CREATE DATABASE techextension_tenant;

c) Create MySql User "techextension" with Password "techextension"

CREATE USER 'techextension'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'techextension';

d) Grant All Preivillage to "techextension" user to Database "techextension" :

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON techextension_tenant.* TO 'techextension'@'localhost';

e) Import techextension.sql (From STEP 2) into "techextension_tenant" database.

mysql -utechextension -ptechextension techextension_tenant < techextension.sql

f) Disable SQL-MODE :
Open my.cnf or my.ini file (/etc/mysql/my.cnf) and Comment sql-mode line.


STEP 4 : Create and Grant Permission to AMI user On AsteriskPBX : 
a) Open manager.conf file present on Asterisk Server (/etc/asterisk).
b) Create One AMI user For AsterCTI as mentioned below :


secret = password_of_your_choice



read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config,command,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan,originate,message

write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config,command,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan,originate,message

writetimeout = 5000

Image Presentation : 

c) Reload Asterisk Server By Command : `sudo /etc/init.d/asterisk restart`

STEP 5 : Open AsterCTI in Browser and Create Admin User : 
a) let say your web server have ip :, Open AsterCTI by :
b) Create Admin Account On AsterCTI by filling below form. Please use same email used in STEP 1.

After Successfully registration, You(Admin) will redirect to License Page As Below :
License Page

STEP 6 : Run AsterCTI Service in Background : 
a) Download ASTERCTI VOIP File. Click Here
b) Extract ZIP file and upload voip file on AsterCTI Server in /etc/init.d/  and Set Permission to 755(`chmod 755 voip`).
c) Goto : techextension/TechExtension_Service/services in terminal and enter `pwd` command. It will Give you path ( /var/www/html/techextension/TechExtension_Service/services)

d) copy above path and paste it into voip file as below :

d) Give voip file permission to 755

e) Run This Command if you have Cent OS ( chkconfig voip on && chkconfig --list )

    Run This Command if you have Debain OS ( update-rc.d voip defaults )
f) Run AsterCTI Service By Command : service voip restart, it will validate your license.
g) Few Important Command for AsterCTI Service :
i. To Know Status : service voip status
ii. To Stop Service : service voip stop 

STEP 7 : Add and Configure AMI User In AsterCTI.
a) Stop Voip Service Before Adding Asterisk AMI. As Mentioned in STEP 6.g.ii. (Command : service voip stop)
b) Open Create Asterisk Configuration page From Asterisk Configuration seen in left panel of AsterCTI. Insert AMI Details Created in STEP 4.b.

c) Restart AsterCTI Service : service voip restart.
d) Install AsterCTI Chrome Plugin For Click to Call and other useful Features.(Click Here to Download)

Root/Company Log in URL : http://x.x.x.x/techextension/te-admin/login.php
Normal User Log in URL : http://x.x.x.x/techextension/login.php

To Create And Manage Company In AsterCTI, Please follow Create and Manage Company Guide.

For CRM Configuration with AsterCTI, Please follow AsterCTI CRM Guide.

Installation And Configuration Of AsterCTI is Successfully Completed.