Please follow below steps for Asterisk Auto / Predictive dialer or Voice Broadcasting 

Open port  TCP and  UDP 5656 on AsterCTI server for  IP_OF_ASTERCTI_SERVER

Please  Open extensions.conf from Asterisk Server and add below code ( context ) at bottom of page.

Path : /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

note : IP_OF_ASTERCTI_SERVER means you have to replace with IP address of AsterCTI Server.


exten => 1300,1,agi(agi://IP_OF_ASTERCTI_SERVER:5656/IVRBlast.agi)

Additonal steps for  Voice Broadcasting for AsterCTI 

1. Create crontab  in Linux server

crontab -e

* * * * *  php /var/www/html/techextension/te-admin/voicebroadcasting.php

Save cron tab.

2. Now create new folder with name `broadcast`  On Asterisk server on path  /var/www/html/ and Do Below 

Edit/Create file vbconf.php present on AsterCTI : techextension/te-admin/vbconf.php

Edit $path variable  like following 


Save the file

Notes: Whenever create new campaign  user need to copy folder from /techextension/te-admin/upload/broadcast to asterisk server  /var/www/html/broadcast/