AsterCTI is innovative way to integrates, monitoring, dialer and many other option to track in single well design portal, with super customizing capability depends on your need. AsterCTI will work with Existing Asterisk based PBX only. If you dont have Asterisk based any PBX we can install and configure Asterisk for you with your existing SIP Trunk with additional cost of 300 USD. Existing SIP trunk means you must already have to buy SIP trunk from vendor available in your country, example : twilio etc..

1. AsterCTI Features : 

There are so many features built in and here we defines some key features from AsterCTI.

CRM IntegrationDialerSMSAsterisk IntegrationReportOther
Click to callPredictive DialerSend SMSLive ExtensionCall ReportsContact Module
Call PopupPower DialerSMS CampaignLive QueueDialer ReportsUser management
CRM IntegrationVoice BroadcastingSMS TemplateWhisper CallSMS ReportsEmail Configuration
Real-time Call hangupDialer PerformanceInbound SMSBarge CallLive Campaign ReportsMeeting Module
Real-time Call transferAgent PerformanceSMS ReportsSpy CallQueue ReportsContact Activity
  • Other features : Custom IVR Dial-plan, Call Log Integration with third party application, multiple asterisk server supported, multiple CRM Server Support and many more.
  • CRM Support: We support more then 14 Different CRM available and follows International Standards, Please check list of CRM below which AsterCTI Supports. Please feel free if your CRM is not mentioned in list we can Integrates any CRM which have API built in.
  • Asterisk Support: We Support ALL Asterisk based PBX.

2. Dialer and Features : 

We have 2 different types of dialer included in AsterCTI.
a) Power Dialer
b) Predictive Dialer

a. Power Dialer : 
Power Dialer enables agents to dial "next call". When agent is free after disconnect from previous call he have option to call net number from list instead of other dialer that gives system to handle calls.

b. Predictive Dialer :
As the name implies, predictive dialers predict when agents will be free to take the next call and then dial numbers on the agent’s behalf. The dialer uses algorithms to surmise the exact time that an agent should be finishing up with a call and then dials another number. When working properly, predictive dialers supply agents with a steady stream of calls with little-to-no downtime.

Features : 
1. Ability to create multiple dispositions.
2. Ability select multiple agents in dialer.
3. Default Disposition like "DEAD "and "ANSWERING MACHINE" Disposition.
4. Dialer Report, Dialer Performance Report and Agent Performance report and other Important reports included.
5. Call Scheduling.
6. Custom Script Supported with data append in URL.
7. CRM Integration Supported.
8. Webform URL Supported.
9. Disposition URL Supported.
10. Disposition URL Reports.
11. Dialer Start time and End time supported.
and so many other features included.

3. Voice Broadcasting : 

Broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. Voice broadcast users can contact targets almost immediately.Such solutions always customizable for every client and easily integrates.

We have 3 types of broadcasting available with AsterCTI.
a. Simple IVR Broadcast
b. Survey Broadcast
c. Interactive Broadcast

a. Simple IVR Broadcast : 
Simple IVR broadcast can broadcast your pre-recorded audio to all customers you listed in campaign, very useful for broadcasting information over phone.

b. Survey Broadcast : 
If user wants to make survey based on DTMF number then this is the perfect way to get Survey realtime. Mainly uses for feedback, Views from clients etc.

c. Interactive Broadcast : 
Interaction voice broadcasting programs allow the call recipient to listen to the recorded message and interact with the system by pressing keys on the phone keypad. The system can detect which key is pressed and be programmed to interact and play various messages accordingly. This is a form of Interactive voice response (IVR).

4. Send SMS, SMS Campaign and SMS Template: 

a. Send SMS : 
You can send SMS from AsterCTI or from Any web page from chrome browser using AsterCTI Chrome Extension.
You will get option of send SMS in AsterCTI from any Browser (no need of AsterCTI chrome extension), to send SMS from other web page you need to use chrome extension from Chrome Store.

b. SMS Campaign : 
An SMS campaign is a form of marketing that allows you to interact with your customers via text. It's similar to an email campaign, but is faster and easier to create since it requires no creative other than an initial campaign to get your customers numbers, and message. you will get complete report of SMS campaign based on your SMS created.

c. SMS Template : 
You can create SMS template for your SMS Campaign. You can create SMS campaign based on Contacts Module fields available in AsterCTI. So you can create customized SMS template depends on customers so it became more interactive.

Supported SMS API  : 
c. Twilio API.
Above API types covers almost all types of SMS API available in market. You just have to configure your SMS API to AsterCTI and can send SMS anytime and get reports itself in AsterCTI directly.

5 .CRM Asterisk Integration : 
AsterCTI can integrates your existing CRM and Existing Asterisk based PBX, with the help of this feature you will get contact/leads/accounts details directly from your CRM on call popup. you also get call logs in your CRM.
AsterCTI have its own Call Log module with enhance call reporting despite provided in CRM.

Supported CRM :
Below are some supported CRM by AsterCTI so the calls will also log in your Onsite or Cloud based CRM, Yes we support both Platform for CRM Cloud (OnDemand) and OnSite(Premises) CRM.

SugarCRMSuiteCRMVtigerCRMSalesforce Enterprise CRM
Salesforce Partner CRM
AgileCRMBitrix24 CRMPipedrive CRM
HubSpot CRMOdoo CRMMicrosoft Dynamics CRM
Zoho CRM

If your CRM is not mentioned on above list, dont worry just ask us about your CRM information and we will integrates your Asterisk with your Custom CRM.

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