This option allows creating an ingoing campaign where the agents recieve the calls that the users make to the call center. When the users call to the extension number of the queue that is configured in the campaign, the agents that are assigned to that queue will take the calls.

Figure 1

You can Activate, Deactivate and Delete a campaign by selecting it from the list and using the buttons located in the filter section. To Edit a campaign click on the blue link Edit at the right of the campaign from the list. You can also download a report of the calls in a CSV file that contains the status of the calls and the data collected in the forms.

New Campaign

To create a new campaign, click on the blue link "Create new campaign" located in the section where the filters are. Below a brief description of the required parameters:

Field Description
Name Name of the campaign
Range date Start: Date on which the campaign starts.
End: Date o which the campaign ends. After this date, no more calls will be received.
Schedule per Day The range of time per day which the campaign will last.
Form Select the forms to be used in the campaign to collect data. To create a new form click on "Manage Forms" or go to Forms module.
External URLs Select an URL to load an external aplication in the Agent Console. If you haven't created one you can do it by clicking on "Manage External URLs".
Queue This is the queue assigned to the campaign. The agents who will take the ingoing calls are configured in this queue. To activate a queue click on "Manage Queue". Notice that a queue must exists before it can be activated for the call center.
Script This is the message that guides the agents when they are attending a call. It could contain a greeting or special words that an agent has to say during the call.

Figure 2